What They're Saying: Juca Kfouri

“It’s hard to imagine what Flamengo means for these boys. In Brazil, there are only two legal paths to social improvement for them: entertainment and soccer. Otherwise it’s a life of crime. Training at Flamengo is realizing your life’s goal. But now it’s a dream turned into a nightmare.”

-- Juca Kfouri, a Brazilian sports columnist and author, on the deaths of 10 Flamengo academy players in a fire that swept their dormitory on Friday morning at Flamengo's Ninho do Urubu complex. The death toll could have been higher -- some players in the 26-bed dorm had gone home after training was cancelled because of massive flooding that has hit Rio de Janeiro. The dorm was built without proper construction permits and was going to be torn down after the players were placed in a new dorm. (New York Times)
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