What They're Saying: Terry From

"I was trying to make sure everything was safe, and I didn't expect ... never in a million years would I have thought somebody would throw a punch at a referee. This is just way off the charts. Never ever, ever do you hit a referee. Today, I'm still having the headaches from it. My jaw still clicks. I can't open and close it the way I used to before. I can't chew food unless it's soft."

-- Referee Terry From, who works more than 200 high school and club games a year, after he was attacked by youths during a fight after an indoor game was halted for rough play at a sports complex in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Local police arrested two 17-year-olds and a 12-year-old, giving them citations for battery and disorderly conduct and then releasing them to their parents. (WISN News 12)
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