What They're Saying: DeAndre Yedlin

“I think a big part of that is players taking that step early and getting over to Europe. I don’t like to talk badly on MLS and I’m not talking badly on MLS, I think just making that step and getting out of your comfort zone, it gives you … once you do step out of your comfort zone and then you do find some success, it brings even that much more confidence to you. I think that’s what [Tyler Adams has] experienced, that’s what Weston [McKennie] has experienced, obviously Christian [Pulisic]. You see these guys, they’re playing with so much confidence, which, I don’t think we’ve seen so much with younger players.”

-- DeAndre Yedlin, who played two seasons for the Seattle Sounders as a Homegrown Player before moving to England in 2015, on the rise of what he says could be a "golden generation" for American soccer. (Pro Soccer USA)
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