What They're Saying: Mia Hamm

“It’s obviously a top priority of ours and of me personally. Last year we were talking about it and then I think we kind of shifted focus back on getting through the first season and trying to really see kind of how we operate and what the expenses are. We had early discussions last year about partnering with a group. But that didn’t go in the direction that we thought because we were building such a brand here and that’s important for us to do. When we make that commitment [to a women’s team], we want to make sure we can go all in and do it right just like we’ve done with the men’s team.”

-- Mia Hamm, one of LAFC's co-owners, on expanding into the NWSL. There were reports last year that Barcelona would partner with LAFC to enter a team in the NWSL. (Yahoo Sports)
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