Toronto FC's Jozy Altidore and Bill Manning make up

Three days after Toronto FC star Jozy Altidore ripped Toronto FC president Bill Manning, they met and made up.

After exiting Friday's 4-3 win over Minnesota United with tightness in his hamstring shortly after setting up what turned out to be the winning goal, a frustrated Altidore, who has battled hamstring problems throughout his career, blamed Manning for not allowing Italian trainer Giuseppe Gueli to work with him and other TFC players since Italian star Sebastian Giovinco moved to Saudi Arabia in the offseason.

“We had a trainer here the last three years that’s been helping me avoid muscle injuries," Altidore told Toronto reporters. "But because he was attached to Seba, he’s not allowed in the club, which I think is ridiculous."

He went on to say that Manning needed to put his ego aside and bring Gueli back.

After they met on Monday, Manning told Toronto reporters that Altidore didn't have all the details -- and Gueli was indeed returning to work with TFC players.

"You're a little embarrassed," he said. "You get him kind of alone and you scold him a bit. But you still love him. This morning when I met with Jozy I was frustrated that he came out as he did, but I love the guy. And once he had the information in terms on what I was working on with Giuseppe, he felt at ease."

Altidore, 29,  was off to great start in 2019 season, scoring in each of his first four games of the season after renewing his contract in the preseason. Manning said Altidore underwent an MRI and will be sidelined 2-3 weeks.

"My job is to make sure that we get these guys the treatment and the tools they need to be at 100 percent," added Manning. "And Giuseppe became part of that. The challenge was Jozy didn't know I was working on having him come back or I guess didn't know the immediacy that I was working on for having him here, so there was no lack of treatment."

Altidore issued an apology to Manning and TFC.

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  1. Wooden Ships, April 23, 2019 at 10:40 a.m.

    Jozy, impetuous? Say it isn’t so. 

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