What They're Saying: Jim Curtin

“We talk about the quality of play improving in the league, the quality of player that is coming into the league. I think the owners are in agreement with this: they want that asset protected. Recovery in our game now, in the modern game, has become more important, sometimes, than what the coaches can do in training. If you’re not recovering right, you’re going to have injuries. Charter flights, and the ability to get in and out of places quicker and more freely, really aid recovery more than anything."

-- Philadelphia Union head coach Jim Curtin on the need for MLS owners to approve an increase in the number of charter flights a team can take in a season. Curtin was speaking at his weekly media conference as the Montreal Impact was still trying to get to Boston for Wednesday night's game at the New England Revolution. Tuesday's commercial flight was canceled after a five-hour delay; Wednesday's flight was delayed three and a half hours. (Philadelphia Inquirer)
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