What They're Saying: Taylor Twellman

“The interesting thing on these head injuries now is that by the time coaches and players publicly make a comment after a game, they’ve actually already seen the backlash. Does that make any sense? So I am always a little wary of reading into that. My question to Pochettino would be very simple: if it is the doctor’s decision then what was he watching? Because for a player to have the reaction that Vertonghen had that quickly…Take the blood out of the equation because naturally everyone is going to look at the blood. I don’t care if there is blood involved or not. For the reaction that Vertonghen had coming back on the field that quickly, then I’d have a serious question about what that doctor saw and what he assessed.”

-- Taylor Twellman, who has demanded change to the way soccer deals with head injuries after his career was cut short by concussions, after labelling Tottenham’s handling of Jan Vertonghen's head injury in its UEFA Champions League match against Ajax “disgusting” and “pathetic." After Vertonghen was allowed to return to the field only to almost collapse after he was subbed, Spurs manager Mauricio Pochettino defended how the English club's medical staff followed concussion protocols. (Press Association)
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