What They're Saying: Jose Mourinho

"I have to say that for me, this remontada has one name – Jurgen. I think this is not about tactics, this is not about philosophy, this is about heart and soul, and a fantastic empathy he created with this group of players. They had the risk of finishing a fantastic season without anything to celebrate, and now they are one step from being European champions. I think Jurgen deserves, you know, the work they are doing in Liverpool is fantastic. But I think this is about him, this is a reflection of his personality, don't give up, a fighting spirit, every player giving everything. He’s not crying because he’s missing a player, he’s not crying because they are playing 50 or 60 matches per season. Other coaches in other leagues they are crying, saying their players are playing too many matches when they play 30 or 35 matches. Everything I think today is about Jurgen’s mentality."

-- Jose Mourinho, crediting Jurgen Klopp for leading Liverpool to a 4-0 win over Barcelona to overcome a 3-0 deficit in the first leg of their UEFA Champions League semifinal series. The win moves the Reds into the final against either Ajax or Tottenham. They head into Sunday's Premier League finale in second place, one point behind Manchester City. (BeIN Sports)
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