What They're Saying: Steve Kerr

"You know, when I started cheering for Liverpool, it was because of Mo Salah, but I quickly latched onto the passion of the fan base and “You’ll Never Walk Alone.” Anfield seems almost like a Wrigley Field-type atmosphere. I love the singing in international soccer. Everybody sings. It’s the one thing we lack in our country. We have the college football bands playing. But we don’t have singing. So it’s been really fun. I’ve been a sports fan my whole life, but this is sort of new ground, really following Liverpool and the Premier League. And what a race it turned out to be. Can you imagine losing one match out of 38 and not winning the title?"

-- Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr on how he picked Liverpool as his Premier League team to root for -- he was intrigued by Salah, who hails from Egypt, where he lived as a child -- and how he loves the emotion of soccer. (The Athletic)
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