What They're Saying: Lee Nguyen

“I think that stereotype is still there for Asian parents and Asian kids: ‘You’re not big enough or you’re not strong enough or you’re not fast enough to play professional sports, so you should just focus on school.' So when they come out and they’re able to interact with me, they’re inspired. And the parents see it too, firsthand, and they’re able to support [their kids playing sports] afterward.”

-- Vietnamese-American Lee Nguyen, who plays for LAFC after stops in the Netherlands, Denmark and Vietnam and with the New England Revolution, on how Vietnamese-American parents are so amazed how excited their children are about playing soccer after attending his offseason camps. (Huffington Post)
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  1. Wooden Ships, May 31, 2019 at 9:45 a.m.

    Well done Lee. Breaking the sterotype of the prototypical soccer type in this country is helping us advance our understanding of the game. 

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