What They're Saying: Pierluigi Collina

"First of all, I would remind everyone that, for a long time, goalkeepers had to keep both feet on the goal line until a penalty kick was taken. This made it very difficult for a goalkeeper to save a penalty and also for the referees to enforce what the law dictates. Having understood that, we discussed this matter with players and coaches and eventually decided to help goalkeepers by allowing them to have only one foot on the goal line instead of two. Since that change, their job is definitely easier than before, and it is also easier for them to respect the current law than the previous version. Then, if a law exists, referees must enforce it -- particularly when tools like VAR or GLT are available. For factual decisions, the number of centimeters doesn’t matter. If a ball is over the goal line by few centimeters, a goal must be still awarded. And if a foul is committed within the penalty area by few centimeters, a penalty kick must be given. It is the same for offside as there is not a ‘small’ or a ‘big’ offside -- there is simply an offside."

-- Pierluigi Collina, chairman of FIFA’s refereeing committee, on the criticism of the use of VAR at the Women's World Cup, specifically on the enforcement of the rule requiring the retaking of a missed penalty kick if the goalkeeper's foot is not on the goal line. (FIFA.com)
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  1. Ginger Peeler, June 22, 2019 at 10:19 a.m.

    Sure, the goalkeeper was supposed to have both feet on the line until the kick was taken. That was by TLOTG.  Yet, the keepers almost always left the line early and the referees didn’t bat an eye. They made no effort to keep the GK honest. The last time I saw a PK called back because the keeper left the line early was at a high school game in the 90s! If, all along,  referees had been calling it as they were supposed to, then requiring only one foot on the line would probably be an improvement here in the Women’s World Cup. Instead, FIFA introduces a restriction that can only fairly be described as NEW to the game. Ugh!!!

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