What They're Saying: Jill Ellis

“I may not be as colorful as that! Megan is quite the bohemian, you know, so fair play. How do I say this? So many times when we play in big games, it’s actually where I get more excited. So when we have our pregame meetings, it’s more. Because it means more, it matters more, there’s more at stake, and that’s why you do this. You don’t go into one, professional sports, or two, coaching, if you’re not in it for those purposes and those reasons."

-- U.S. coach Jill Ellis, asked to respond to star Megan Rapinoe's comments that she hopes Friday's France-USA game will be a "total s***show circus." (SI.com)
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  1. Wooden Ships, June 25, 2019 at 8:33 a.m.

    Sign of the times perhaps that Rapinoe seems to be the face/voice of our team. Wonderful.

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