What They're Saying: Petronella Ekroth

“We were forbidden to talk about the case. We stayed silent and we couldn’t mention it. The only thing to do was keep a low profile and work towards the club’s values. I kept myself closeted because I felt that my opinions didn’t count. It felt a bit like I was in prison. I really couldn't do everything I wanted. You can show one side of the coin, but there is much more that remains hidden, things that unfortunately can’t be talked about, shown and so on."

-- Swedish defender Petronella Ekroth on her one season at Italian women's champion Juventus, where she said players weren't allowed to speak about rape allegations against men’s star Cristiano Ronaldo. On Monday, Clark County District Attorney Steve Wolfson announced that charges won't be filed against Ronaldo after he reviewed a new police investigation and determined that Kathryn Mayorga's claim that Ronaldo raped her at his Las Vegas casino penthouse in 2009 can't be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. (Expressen in Swedish)
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