SA Resources: Player health and safety in hot weather soccer

For coaches, team managers, players and parents -- here are links to Soccer America articles on protecting players from heat illness.

Heat and humidity can be lethal for your players -- here's what to know
It can be OK to practice in 100-degree weather, or it could be dangerous. It depends on the humidity factor.

Drink up: Hydration tips for summer soccer
Hydration is a key element in proper sports safety, and a good hydration strategy will also improve performance.

How to spot heat illness warning signs
"Heat Illness” is a broad term used for a range of problems such as dehydration, cramping, dizziness, heat exhaustion and a very serious problem called heat stroke.

For U.S. Soccer's Heat Guidelines, HERE.

"A simple and easy to remember hydration strategy: drink half your body weight in pounds in ounces of water per day."
-- Dr. Dev. Mishra

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