What They're Saying: Rich Nichols

“It’s unfortunate that in their continued quest to marginalize Hope Solo, the player who has led the fight for equal pay at every stage, including being the first player to file a federal lawsuit for equal pay eight months before the other members of the team, the USWNT and their counsel elected to file an Opposition that not only inaccurately represents the nature of their case, and Hope's status in that matter, but also boldly violates the Federal Rules in order to partner with U.S. Soccer to keep Hope out of their mediation.” 

-- Rich Nichols, co-counsel for the former U.S. women's national team star, on the latest legal motion in Federal court, where the pay discrimination suit 28 U.S. women's national team players file against U.S. Soccer has been side-tracked by a dispute between Solo and her former teammates over Solo's motion to be allowed to take part in mediation the women and federation have agreed to. Solo filed a motion for Rule 11 sanctions against the women's attorneys for their filings opposing Solo's inclusion in the mediation, arguing they need to be stricken from the record because they mischaracterized what she is seeking, causing her humiliation, vilifying her persona and and causing her irreparable harm.
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  1. John DiFiore, July 31, 2019 at 11:35 p.m.

    Sometimes soccer people are dumb.. Jesus, she's been the biggest bulldog of em all!  Keep her on your team!! Frankly, both teams!

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