What They're Saying: DaMarcus Beasley

“I’m not the money guy and [the one who will figure out] how it’s going to work and who loses money if a USL team comes up, how can they stay afloat. I don’t care. If we can do it, they need to figure it out. That would put more pressure on the league, that would put more pressure on players to perform, that would put more pressure on — even if we still keep the [Designated Players] — the DPs to perform every game. Everybody. Everyone. Everything is heightened. Everything is heightened from a pressure situation, even if it’s a young player in that environment. When you’re fighting relegation, you have to be mentally tough.”

-- Retiring Houston Dynamo defender DaMarcus Beasley, who thinks MLS would benefit "100 percent" from having promotion/relegation. (SBISoccer.com)
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