What They're Saying: Marc Dos Santos

"If he continues working like that, he can have a very good career. It’s important that we say why, why did he get to that? We live in a microwave society. The fans they want things now. The players want things now. Me I prefer the pizza in the oven -- that seven-minute pizza sucks. Even five-minute. You put your finger in the core of that pizza, it’s frozen. Unfortunately here in Canada, I saw it a lot: they want it now, there’s a big entitlement … Theo, he started here with a little bit of entitlement, I felt he was broken. Went to development squad for a month. He came back on a mission."

-- Vancouver Whitecaps coach Marc Dos Santos on the change in approach and attitude of Canadian teenager Theo Bair following his return from the Whitecaps' Development Squad that scrimmages pro, college and all-star teams. (Vancouver Province)
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