What They're Saying: Matias Almeyda

“First and foremost, blood runs through my veins. I characterized myself for having blood and not water. The injustices give me issues and frustrate me, especially when there is no dialog. I simply complained about the penalty and why the other play was not a penalty in our favor. [on a Jordan Harvey handball]. I questioned a yellow card on one of their players [LAFC’s] that committed four fouls and then Godoy [Anibal] received a yellow after one or two fouls. I simply want to receive fair treatment, no better, no less, but with respect. I don’t know why I was ejected, I am not sure what the fourth official must have told the referee, but I did not disrespect anyone. After I was ejected, I lost my temper, and I am making a public apology for my reaction but those who know me knows that I have always reacted like this, especially when there are injustices.”

-- Matias Almeyda, the San Jose Earthquakes' Argentine head coach, on being ejected in the first half of the Quakes' 4-0 loss at LAFC and then pleading his case, initially refusing to leave the field, and then returning from the tunnel to further let the refereeing crew know his feelings.
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  1. Ginger Peeler, August 22, 2019 at 1:18 p.m.

    Almeyda says that anyone who knows him knows that this is his typical behavior when he perceives an “injustice”. It’s been my understanding that a complaint regarding an “injustice” can be filed and will be reviewed by a special panel after the game. Sometimes red cards and other actions are rescinded, sometimes not. That is the accepted behavior and action to take. Directing a complaint at a referee during a game is only put up with by some referees (too many). Nowadays, players surround the ref, even touch the ref, to complain about a call!!! Too many times the referee who allows this to happen loses control of the game. I’m sure Almeyda is fully aware of all this, but obviously considers his treatment of referees excusable because he says it’s what he’s always done. Guess what? It’s still wrong!

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