What They're Saying: Prince Abdullah bin Mosaad

"Every family may have one bad person but they are a very respectable family. I have not done business with them in the past but I will be very happy to do business with them. The Bin Laden family is not a disgraced name or something that I should hide. When I see the Bin Laden family as a dirty name. I get really offended."

-- Prince Abdullah bin Mosaad, who won a court battle with co-owner Kevin McCabe this week to wrest control of Premier League club Sheffield United, on the family of Osama bin Laden. The prince has been linked with a member of the Bin Laden family interested in investing in Sheffield United. The Saudi Binladin Group founded by Osama bin Laden's father is a major construction company in Saudi Arabia. (Reuters)
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  1. Peter Bechtold, September 20, 2019 at 3:16 p.m.

    Fyi: In case someone is confused or disturbed, Osama's father Mohammad had more than 2 dozen children from multiple wives. Osama was "expelled" from the family after he attacked the House of Sa'ud and subsequently fled the kningdom. He also lost his Saudi citizenship.

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