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"A lot of the things we did over the last 25 years people dreamt about and didn't think were possible, whether hosting the [1994] World Cup, a breakout event like the 1999 [Women's] World Cup or a soccer league that's actually going to make it. Look at MLS where it is today compared to where we started. I understand there are issues and everyone feels we can do things better. Of course, we can always do things better. But there is no one around who was part of this start-up in 1994 or 1995 who wouldn't say, 'I'll take that if that's what it looks like in 25 years.' You would take it in a heartbeat."

-- Sunil Gulatiat the press conference following his induction into the National Soccer Hall of Fame on whether his dreams for the next 25 years are realistic.

“When I was young, nobody really knew what the national team was. There was no concept of it. I looked up to NBA players and NFL players, and then the ’94 World Cup and the ’99 World Cup happened."

-- Abby Wambach, on what soccer was like as a child growing up in Rochester, New York. Wambach, who was inducted into the National Soccer Hall of Fame on Saturday, said she dreamed of being an Olympic figure skater -- even though she never skated -- not an Olympic soccer player.

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  1. Wallace Wade, September 22, 2019 at 9:51 a.m.

    His inclusion is certainly dubious. 

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