MLSPA executive director Bob Foose outlines players' key positions in CBA talks

Following Sunday's MLS Cup between host Seattle and Toronto FC, attention will turn to the 2020 MLS season before which the league and players will have to sit down and try to work out a new collective bargaining agreement.

The current CBA expires on Jan. 31, 2020.

MLSPA executive director Bob Foose held a a conference call Thursday for the media on which players Jeff Larentowicz, Alejandro Bedoya and Diego Rubio participated.

Here are some of the highlights of what Foose had to say ...

Players are prepared to strike ....

“The players are prepared to be at the bargaining table, but they’re also prepared if there’s no acceptable deal at the end of this process. We’ve been preparing for a potential work stoppage for two and a half years now, what it would look like and how it would proceed.”

The use of Targeted Allocation Money aimed at paying more for and to higher-end players needs to go ...

“The impact of TAM,  a made-up set of restrictions done from a central office to try and dictate to all of our franchises how they build their rosters, in my estimation didn’t really add anything to this league. And it’s certainly frustrated and angered both the PA and our players.”

More players should be eligible for free agency within MLS beyond the "28/8" of the last CBA deal ...

“We’re well short of what’s adequate. There’s a long way to go and we want to see free agency opened up. We want to see a system of true, unrestricted free agency at a much earlier point in players’ careers.”

Increases in revenues should trigger increases in player compensation ...

“We’re clear on our side that revenue has to be accounted for in this CBA. We won’t ignore that in negotiations. We want to see those deals [the next media rights deal to take effect in 2023] negotiated into player compensation.”

Teams need to be allowed to commission more charter flights ...

"We view charter flights no different than training facilities. You can’t be one of the world’s best leagues or a league of choice if you don’t have the facilities. The same goes for travel."

2 comments about "MLSPA executive director Bob Foose outlines players' key positions in CBA talks".
  1. humble 1, November 8, 2019 at 10:42 a.m.

    Interesting, typical union negotiation, sacrifice entry level players interest for those of senior players. This has been a core union negotiating charactaristic that has contributed to the demise of unions in the USA.  For any outsider, it's clear as day the very first issue the Union should be broaching is entry level pay.  Don't take it from me, that's exactly what Wayne Rooney was saying in his last remark before leaving DC United.  It was embarassing for him. The minimum wage for for players less than 25 is $56,250.  That is just crazy.  How can this NOT be the headline?

  2. Hugh T replied, November 8, 2019 at 4:36 p.m.

    Have to kind of agree.  And the Union should not have to use much leverage to get the minimum raised to something livable, at least.  It makes me almost uncomfortable as an MLS season ticket holder (LAFC) to know that a player is making minimum.  To think of a player having a starting spot in front of a sold out crowd makes me cringe.  The player literally could not responsibly afford to attend the game as a fan.  It actually occerred to me that the supporter might consider a a gofundme campaign for an overachieving player making minimum.    

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