Watch: Highlights from Brazil's big comeback win over France at the U-17 World Cup

Host Brazil will face Mexico in the U-17 World Cup final thanks to its thrilling comeback from two French goals in the first 13 minutes for a 3-2 win. Kaio Jorge (62nd minute), Veron (72nd) and Lazaro (89th) struck for the Brazilians.

Extended highlights (11 minutes):

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  1. frank schoon, November 15, 2019 at 9:34 a.m.

    This was a great game...As I watched the Brazilians they are so far ahead of the French team, technically and tactically speaking. When you look at the French team, you get the idea they would run all over the Brazilians because of their built and athleticism. What the Brazilians achieved after being down 2 goals was phenomenal.  

    Here is the secret to beating a team like the French, it is exactly what Johan Cruyff has preached about how to play soccer. It is not how fast you are or how big you are. Size and speed has nothing to do with it but fast ball handling ball movement and positioning off the ball. Remember when Barcelona became the talk of the past decade. They followed the recipe of having small midfielders like Xavi, Iniesta, Busquets, none who represent the big fast Athletic types capable running up and down the field knocking over trees. It was all about quick ball movement and positioning.

    The French no doubt were made to look like Neanderthals. They had no clue nor the ability to counter the close pressure the Brazilians placed on them  the moment they had the ball. It was a joy to big oafs not being able to handle to ball under pressure. You can tell once a french player had the ball, didn't know who to pass to quickly and to position off the ball to allow the ball to move around. Often under pressure the french made a bad pass. And realize the Brazilian did this without lots of tackling, which is un-Brazilian.

    This is what happens when a team like the French rely upon speed and Athleticism for their style and play. SPEED and ATHLETICISM is not conducive in small spaces. Like Cruyff states, the faster you're the dumber you're as a player. When the Brazilians gave the French no space and thus no time, they forced the French to play to their weakness. The Brazilians did not allow the French to use lots of space....But what was also great to see was the moment the Brazilians got the ball back they knew how to quickly get out of the same small area with the French players, by being able to  make quick turns with quick short passes.
    I would advice coaches to study this game..If you think the French were bad , I can only imagine if our U17 had to play them...

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