What They're Saying: Kaveh Hosseinpour

"A betrayal became a betrayal and a provocation. So he basically stuck a knife in our backs, and then he came along with a sword and chopped off our heads. The statue is completely worthless now, just a piece of junk. The best way to solve that was if it was removed and put somewhere in Stockholm or something. Every game we go to, we are going to pass Zlatan knowing that there is a statue of an investor in Hammarby, not the statue of the football player Zlatan Ibrahimovic anymore."

-- Kaveh Hosseinpour, vice chairman of Malmo's official supporters group, after a statue of Zlatan Ibrahimovic was vandalized by Malmo fans when Ibrahimovic, who grew up and started his career at Malmo, announced that he had bought a 25 percent interest in AEG Sweden, owner of Malmo's Stockholm rival, Hammarby. (AP)
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