What They're Saying: Art Auchenbach

“We are extremely frustrated with U.S. Soccer’s decision. They are going to lose some of the ‘magic of the cup’ by eliminating the under-23 segment from participation. Hopefully, they will recognize the error of their ways and rethink it for the future.”

--  Reading United AC vice president Art Auchenbach on changes in the U.S. Open Cup schedule for 2020 when the first three rounds will be played before May 1, the date before which the NCAA doesn't allow college players to play outside soccer. That will mean amateur teams like Reading United, a traditional USL League Two power, will have to play without their college players. The shift in schedule allows more time between rounds for teams to promote games and for MLS teams to begin play earlier in the season. In 2019, the first round was held May 7-8. (TheCup.us)
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  1. R2 Dad, December 14, 2019 at 7:03 p.m.

    No worries, just ask the NCAA to change their.....oh right. Nevermind.

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