What They're Saying: Mickael Bertansetti

"They asked us to furnish massage tables, a suite for their president, 30 kilos [66 pounds] of ice before the game and 150 [330 pounds] at halftime. We're happy if we get a cup of ice from McDonald's. Perhaps these demands are normal in Ligue 1, but we can't give them everything."

-- Mickael Bertansetti, the president of sixth-tier Linas-Montlhery, on the demands made by giant Paris St. Germain for its trip to Essonne for the French Cup match it won, 6-0. Almost all of the Linas-Montlhery players are PSG fans and their coach, Stephane Cabrelli, is a PSG season-ticket holder. (L'Equipe in French)
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