What They're Saying: Megan Rapinoe

“My deposition was three or four hours so I remember a lot of that. It’s interesting because I train with the U-18 boys at home and I have said that. I’m more skillful than all of those boys there, put together! But they are bigger, stronger and faster. That’s just the way that they are born. As they get older, we just can’t compete with that. That’s science. But from a skill point, I’m better than every single number of those boys. If you put more speed and strength in me then there is no doubt that I would be able to fully compete. For me, as somebody who is nearly 38, I am giving those boys a run for their money."

-- U.S. women's national team captain Megan Rapinoe, after the 3-1 win over Japan at the SheBelieves Cup, on depositions she and other members of the national team submitted to in their gender discrimination suit against U.S. Soccer. The players were asked whether they could compete against men's and boys teams. Recent filings by the federation argued the women had materially different skill levels and responsibility than their male counterparts. (Guardian)
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