What They're Saying: Jonas Baer-Hoffman

"We must look at the socio-economic impact of coronavirus. Not just the players but other people employed through professional football -- our industry employs hundreds of thousands. There is the potential for it to turn ugly very quickly. For the majority of our membership, male and female, the loss of income is as threatening as for any other worker and we are getting the first messages of layoffs of players, withholding of wages and clubs being threatened. We know how football clubs budgets are managed. They're always right at the line or above it in terms of liquidity. If we don't respond quickly in terms of stabilizing the cash flow we could see mass redundancies and mass layoffs of players and other staff within weeks. In Ireland or the Nordic countries, we have the first measure being taken that could affect the employment of players. Once those jobs are gone and those clubs are bankrupt, it is difficult for them to recover once coronavirus is over."

-- Jonas Baer-Hoffman, general secretary of FIFPro, the world players' union, on the economic crisis that soccer faces around the world because of the coronavirus pandemic. (BBC Sport)
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