Half of the French pro clubs threatened by bankruptcy

Just what is the novel coronavirus pandemic costing major clubs in Europe?

Bernard Caiazzo, president of French club St. Etienne and the association representing Ligue 1 clubs, said in an interview with France Bleu Loire radio that clubs in the big five European leagues have already lost €4 billion ($4.3 billion) and French clubs have lost €500-600 million ($536 million-$643 million).

That's why he said it's essential that Ligue 1 finishes its 2019-20 season -- even if it goes into late summer -- to recoup some of the losses. At stake with TV partners alone is €170 million ($181.7 million).

Caiazzo said that without state aid within six months half of the French pro clubs will file for bankruptcy. He said Ligue 1 won't be able to play until June 15 at the earliest even if the pandemic abates.

"It is necessary to finish the championship at all costs," he said, "even if it means ending it in July-August and resuming in stride."

Among the issues that have to be addressed are extending player contracts, set to expire June 30, through the summer until the 2019-20 season concludes, and how long if any to give the players off before the 2021-22 season starts.

Caiazzo said Ligue 1 clubs also face the possibility of suffering huge losses because of the collapse of the international transfer. Ligue 1 clubs have some of the best youth systems in Europe and depend on selling young players to balance their books

5 comments about "Half of the French pro clubs threatened by bankruptcy".
  1. frank schoon, March 23, 2020 at 11:54 a.m.

    The problem I find is that our soccer does not produce players  like that due to our style of play which rely more on running ,fighting duels,physical play. We do not play in a manner that let the ball do the running, for it requires more technical ability in our players. When you rely upon these types players, who are not that technical you, in effect, have less of 'thinking' game, less reliance on details, or the finer aspects of the game. These types of players ,'Zidane' types, as you look at their backround of how they learned to play ,you will find one thing they all have in common, is 'street -pickup' soccer, where they learned to survive in small spaces, and more...This is one the reasons that after 50years ,even by law of average , we don't produce these of players...

    This is why we need to take an 'overview' of how we train and develop our players for we're getting and producing players that don't display the finer elements of the game.... Looking at the women and men's NT we don't produce players with the 'finer' velour touch. And sofar the women are able to get away with playing a very physical, athletic type of game due to the low level quality of the women's game. But with the man, there is no way we can rely and employ those baser elements, the women can use, for in the men's you need a lot more than that- technique and brains.... 

    This is why we seriously have to look at how to improve our game, adding and changing the formats of thinking in our training/ developing of the players. That also implies ,especially now, to bring in players like a Valderama, Zidane, Xavi, Pirlo ,etc those types that can  TEACH, DEMONSTRATE, give INSIGHTS, about the finer aspects which we as produce in our system of playing and development. Our DA ,ECNL, or sending players to Europe isn't going to fill that gap that we  so sorely need in improving our player development.

    And if Cindy Parlow doesn't get on track or isn't aware that we need a C-change in our development, than this change in presidency is not going to do much for our game.

  2. Bob Ashpole, March 23, 2020 at 1:51 p.m.

    Frank, I think it is a coaching error, not the fault of the players. Why? Because time and time again, when a team goes down a man they start playing smart. And not because the coach gave them new intructions. Players know how to play smart. They just don't unless forced to abandon the game plan.

  3. frank schoon replied, March 23, 2020 at 8:06 p.m.

    Bob, I wrote this under the heading of the Zidane videos. I have no idea how  this was placed here. Anyway, your statement that teams play smarter can be seen in two ways. Usually the team with a man down tend to play harder , play with more effort,  not necessarily smarter but they can. The other team tends to relax ,ease the reigns, and as result it breaks their rhythm giving the team with a man down an advantage.

    Ajax, trained and prepared for the eventuality of playing against a team with a man down. They would take the left back and place a 4th attacker on the front line. They would play man to man all over the field thus leaving an extra man wide open who would be found between the backline and midfield line. This forced  the opponents with one less man to truly play with one less man and there unable to cover the open , extra man.  In other words Ajax truly made  the team with one less man truly feel the have to deal with one less player.....

  4. uffe gustafsson, March 23, 2020 at 8:56 p.m.

    Frank a cpl of facts.
    some of the best players, is actually recent. Both messi and Ronaldo are the newer generation grant you they played for some time I would also add In Slatan in that group. So you always refer to the 80is but the game really have evolved especially since the Italian bunker down defense in late 80s.
    yes you right some players where extremely good, I mean Pele was way ahead of his time.
    but today's players are as good or actually better.
    since this lock down I seen some old games but honestly I rather see today's games they finely getting to be exciting to watch the attacking is back in the game.

  5. frank schoon replied, March 23, 2020 at 10:24 p.m.

    Uffe, todays player will never be  like the players of years gone by ,technically speaking. For example players of yesteryear had so much better touch and skill on the ball due to having played pickup soccer 15-30 hours a week as kids....there is no way you begin to compare that to todays players who have don't never played that much.

    The Italian bunker mentality began in the 60's called Catenaccio. Yes, the Italians still have a defensive mentality and therefore I'm not a fan of this type of soccer. But don't kid yourself the Italians got away from that bunker mentality when AC Milan beginning in the late 80's showing the world exciting soccer by copying the dutch style and that was Enrico Sacci coming going to Ajax to study Cruyff for Cruyff followed the formula of soccer as played in the 70's by Ajax and the DutchWC'74 team, which Guardiola likewise copied. Everything you see has its roots that go back the Dutch of 70's...nothing new there....

    Now I do admit players today are more athletic and run a lot more but that doesn't relate to playing better soccer.   Barcelona  proved to the world10years ago with Guardiola coaching followed the dutch style set by Rinus Michels and Johan Cruyff of the late 60's and 70's, that you let the ball do the running not the player for the ball is a lot faster. 

    Like Cruyff states everything that has been tried in soccer is tried before, there is NOTHING NEW in soccer, it is just packaged different at times....But Brains and Technique rules no matter when the game is played, that will never change.....

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