What They're Saying: Kyle Picknell

"For me, the biggest trigger in my gambling was waking up each day checking fixtures on the Livescore app on my phone. Not having that in the mornings, not seeing those matches as to look forward to, not having any football to look forward to at all, I am almost grateful for it, it takes away all that temptation. As soon as I started looking through individual matches, I used to be coming up with bets in my head -- goal totals, an underdog, specific goalscorers, whatever -- you are just constantly thinking about it. When you have a gambling problem, it is not about finding a specific bet, it is any bet. Any bet on any game will do, no matter the division, the league or how interested you are in the players."

-- Kyle Picknell, a recovering English gambling addict, on how the lack of soccer during the current pandemic has made his recovery easier in some respects, admitting he has to catch himself, hoping the current pandemic will last forever and soccer doesn't come back. (BBC Sport)
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