What They're Saying: Christian Lavers

“When the DA was created in 2007, there were systemic issues of too many games and not enough meaningful games and not enough training sessions. There was a philosophical change and it took time to grow, but that has been a positive impact of what that [DA] program did. But as it grew and as things changed, the clubs began to be distanced from each other and you started to have situations where clubs were not able to and would not play each other, even if they were in the same city or close by. That’s not a great thing for competition. It’s not a great thing to have kids drive past each other just because the structures don’t allow them to play. The challenge now is to create a collaborative program.”

-- ECNL president Christian Lavers on clubs from different leagues working together and playing against each other in the future as the ECNL expands its boys league and MLS launches its new youth league in response to the demise of the Development Academy. (The Athletic)
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