Watch: Former Galaxy youth coach Brian Kleiban break down U.S. U-20 men's pool

Former LA Galaxy youth coach Brian Kleiban presents a breakdown of the U.S. U-20 men's national team pool, complete with their strengths and weaknesses, and the international stars they remind him of. He then digs deeper, going three deep at some positions on his depth chart.

Six starters have already made the first-team debuts, including Gio Reyna and Owen Otasowiein the UEFA Champions League and Europa League, respectively. Five starters have spent time in the Galaxy academy.

His starters: David Ochoa (Real Salt Lake), Julian Araujo (LA Galaxy), Owen Otasowie (Wolves), Leo Sepulveda (Salamanca), Kobe Hernandez-Foster (unattached), Taylor Booth (Bayern Munich), Indiana Vassilev (Aston Villa), Efrain Alvarez (LA Galaxy), Gio Reyna (Borussia Dortmund), Ricardo Pepi (FC Dallas), Uly Llanez (Wolfsburg).

U-20 First XI:

U-20 Depth:

2 comments about "Watch: Former Galaxy youth coach Brian Kleiban break down U.S. U-20 men's pool".
  1. R2 Dad, April 18, 2020 at 3:09 p.m.

    Everyone rates Tab as the next great USMNT coach, but I rate Kleiban higher. Listening to his breakdown of the players, especially addressing the issue of what to do with a 10, tells me he understands we need a style of play that has a creative force once we get to the attacking 3rd. Tab used Zelalem in the 6 as a crutch for a back line without enough ball-handling skills.....*gong*. Kleiban suggests bringing up a younger player at the 9 who fits better in to the system...better coaching solution. Kleiban has coached at the highest youth club level--watch his teams play in the MIC tournaments a few years back to see how his teams played. Yes, this is club vs Nats so he has much more time to get his kids to play his system, but his training methods are top notch.
    We complain how the DA play was sterile--count how many times Kleiban mentions Nasty in these 2 videos. So he understands how that aggressiveness is necessary to play in CONCACAF. Lots of you think this is a negative, but remember the bad fields and worse officiating our players have to deal with in CONCACAF. We need a few of these players with that level of graft and intensity.
    However, Kleiban speaks spanish, which is what the USSF is deathly afraid of in their Nats coaches.  So I don't see him getting a chance with the current administration. CPC is just more of the same in that regard. If I had my druthers, I'd get Kleiban to design the Nats ciriculum, establish the player filters we need starting at U12, coach a cycle at the youngest level, move up with them and hand-pick a coach to backfill. In 10 years time we would dominate CONCACAF. Also, we would stop losing the American-born hispanics to Mexico. I don't personally know this guy, but I have watched his team train and it's 180 from all the other coaches I have watched. No, he hasn't played at the highest level, but as a coach he has the right tools, experience with the player pool and understanding of how he can get the team to execute. We need more coaches like BK.

  2. don Lamb replied, April 18, 2020 at 8:41 p.m.

    He needs to get away from the 343 circus......

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