Former UCLA coach Jorge Salcedo reaches plea agreement on charge related to college admissions scandal

Former UCLA men's soccer coach Jorge Salcedo reached an agreement with prosecutors from the U.S. attorney’s office in Boston and will plead guilty to the charge of conspiring to commit racketeering in connection with the college athletics scandal that rocked the country in 2019.

In a letter dated April 13 to Salcedo's attorneys, prosecutors agreed to drop three other counts after the imposition of sentencing, and their recommendations to U.S. District Judge Indira Talwani included:

-- Imprisonment in the "low range" of the sentencing guidelines. (The Los Angeles Times reported that guideline range is 24-30 months in federal prison.)
-- Twelve months of supervised release;
-- Repayment of $200,000.

That sum is the amount Salcedo was accused of taking for helping Rick Singer, the consultant at the the bribery scandal that rocked college admissions, get one women's player and one men's player admitted into UCLA on made-up credentials as recruited athletes.

Salcedo, who resigned as men's soccer head coach after 15 years at his alma mater shortly after his indictment, was one of nine college coaches, including three former women's soccer coaches, indicted in the bribery scheme that involved dozens of wealthy parents trying to get their children who otherwise might not have gained admission to top-level universities admitted via athletic departments.

DOJ: Indictment

Salcedo captained the USA at the 1989 U.S. Under-17 World Cup and played for UCLA when it won the 1990 NCAA Division I title. He spent five years in MLS with the LA Galaxy, Chicago, Columbus and Tampa Bay. Under Salcedo, UCLA advanced to the NCAA Division I title game in 2006 and 2014.

In 2019, the Los Angeles Times uncovered a 2014 internal investigation at UCLA into Singer's activities to manipulate admissions with donations to sports programs at the university.

6 comments about "Former UCLA coach Jorge Salcedo reaches plea agreement on charge related to college admissions scandal".
  1. Arnold Ramirez, April 22, 2020 at 7:31 a.m.

    I feel so bad for his father who is a great person. Jorge had the best college job in the country and he blew it. I don't feel sorry for him. I feel very sorry for his family. You don't appreciate what you have until you lose it.

  2. beautiful game, April 22, 2020 at 9:22 a.m.

    Fist Full of Dollars was a great western movie. But in real life it can be a tragedy like A.R. cited.

  3. frank schoon, April 22, 2020 at 10:18 a.m.

    I'm so sad for him and more so for his family like Arnold stated. When you look at his picture, you get the feeling that he seems to be a real nice guy but somehow made one big mistake in his life. The soccer community is still a small subculture of the American soccer experience and just about everybody knows everybody. No matter how good a coach is or is considered by others, but the most important thing one needs to come with away after his stint as coach is his ETHICS....

  4. R2 Dad, April 22, 2020 at 4:21 p.m.

    Here's an idea for the wealthy-but-dumb parents of america: don't fake your kid's college applications. They don't need to pretend they're good at a sport; there is sport out there they CAN do even if they're as dumb as a rock. The only requirements are they are small-ish and don't mind getting up at 4:30 in the morning. Coxswain ! All those desireable schools you want your kid to go to all have crew teams that need coxswains. And really, is there such a thing as a bad coxswain? Even YOUR kid can do it! So buy your lazy, tubby progeny an alarm clock and a gym membership and they will be good to go! Save all those bribery bucks and splurge on a McMansion, Thomas Kinkaid paintings--knock yourself out!

  5. Hyndman Schellas, April 22, 2020 at 4:26 p.m.

    I've truly enjoyed my time knowing Jorge and his father. In life you can do 100 things right, but you will be remembered for the 1 thing you did wrong. Wish Jorge and his family God's Blessings during this difficult time. Jorge has many people who want the Best for him.

  6. Guy Walling, April 23, 2020 at 12:03 a.m.

    God's blessing's? Please don't bless greed!

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