SA boys club directory: Who's headed where in 2020-21

With the demise of the U.S. Soccer Development Academy, Major League Soccer with its new league and the Elite Clubs National League are looking to absorb DA clubs.

US Youth Soccer is also encouraging former DA clubs to compete in its new National League Conferences.

This list is a state-by-state breakdown of who is headed where in 2020-21. It assumes all 28 MLS competing in 2021 will have teams in the new MLS league. MLS officials have been meeting with former DA teams last week and this week about their new league.

The ECNL has confirmed the addition of former DA clubs in California, Georgia, North Carolina, Virginia and Washington. On Thursday, it announced the addition of Oklahoma Energy FC, Chattanooga Red Wolves Academy and NEFC, none of which had teams in the upper levels of the Boys DA in 2019-20.

A lot can still change in terms of where former DA clubs will play in 2020-21. Many former DA clubs have yet to confirm what they will do. In some cases, clubs had teams in both the DA and ECNL. The list also includes DA clubs that had teams in only the U-13 and/or U-14 age groups that did not compete nationally.

We grouped the states geographically in the same manner that the ECNL is grouping its eight boys conferences though we placed all New York and Pennsylvania teams in the Northeast.

We also include the current high school boys soccer seasons in each state. Some clubs will view the ability of its players to play for their high school a selling point. For other players, a 10-month season -- without high school -- is attractive and the goal of many former DA clubs.

Plans for the 2020-21 season, of course, are contingent on team sports getting the green light from health authorities to resume.

Please email Soccer America with any updates or corrections.

Northeast Boys:
Connecticut (fall high school):
ECNL 2020-21
Connecticut FC (ECNL 2019-20)
Farmington SA FC (ECNL 2019-20)
Beachside SC (DA 2019-20)
Oakwood SC (DA 2019-20)

Maryland (fall high school):
ECNL 2020-21
Baltimore Celtic (ECNL 2019-20)
Maryland United (ECNL 2019-20)
Pipeline SC (USYS 2019-20)
Baltimore Armour (DA 2019-20)
Bethesda SC (DA 2019-20)

Massachusetts (fall high school):
MLS 2020-21
New England Revolution, MLS (DA 2019-20)
ECNL 2020-21

Boston Bolts (ECNL 2019-20)
FC Stars (ECNL 2019-20)
*NEFC (DA 2019-20)
Boston Bolts (DA 2019-20)
*Valeo Futbol Club (DA 2019-20)
*U-13, U-14 only in DA in 2019-20.

New Hampshire (fall high school):
Seacoast United (DA 2019-20)

New Jersey (fall high school):
MLS 2020-21
NY Red Bulls (DA 2019-20)
ECNL 2020-21

Match Fit Academy (ECNL 2019-20)
PDA (ECNL 2019-20)
STA (ECNL 2019-20)
Cedar Stars Academy-Bergen (DA 2019-20)
Cedar Stars Academy-Monmouth (DA 2019-20)
PDA (DA 2019-20)
*TSF Academy (DA 2019-20)
*U-13, U-14 only in DA in 2019-20.

New York (fall high school):
MLS 2020-21
New York City FC (DA 2019-20)
ECNL 2020-21
Albertson Fury (ECNL 2019-20)
East Meadow SC (ECNL 2019-20)
Manhattan SC (ECNL 2019-2020)
WNY Flash (ECNL 2019-20)
World Class FC (ECNL 2019-20)
Empire United (DA 2019-20)
BW Gottschee Academy (DA 2019-20)
Met Oval (DA 2019-20)
New York SC (DA 2019-20)
New York Cosmos (DA 2019-20)
FC Westchester (DA 2019-20)
*World Class FC (DA 2019-20)
*U-13, U-14 only in DA in 2019-20.

Pennsylvania (fall high school):
MLS 2020-21
Philadelphia Union (DA 2019-20)
ECNL 2020-21
FC Bucks (ECNL 2019-20)
FC Delco (ECNL 2019-20)
Penn Fusion (ECNL 2019-20)
Pittsburgh Riverhounds, USL (ECNL 2019-20)
FC Delco (DA 2019-20)
*Lehigh Valley United (DA 2019-20)
PA Classics (DA 2019-20)
*U-13, U-14 only in DA in 2019-20.

Washington, D.C. (fall high school):
MLS 2020-21
D.C. United (DA 2019-20)

Mid-Atlantic Boys:
North Carolina (fall high school):
MLS 2020-21
MLS Charlotte 2021 academy (new in 2020-21)
ECNL 2020-21
Charlotte Independence Pro, USL (DA  2019-20)
Charlotte Independence North (ECNL 2019-20)
Charlotte Soccer Academy (DA/ECNL  2019-20)
North Carolina FC Academy, USL (DA 2019)
North Carolina FC Youth (ECNL 2019-20)
NC Fusion (DA/ECNL 2019-20)
Wilmington Hammerheads (ECNL 2019-20)
*North Carolina FC Youth South (DA 2019-20)
Queen City Mutiny (DA 2019-20)
*U-13, U-14 only in DA in 2019-20.

South Carolina (spring high school):
ECNL 2020-21
Carolina Elite Soccer Academy (ECNL 2019-20)
Charlotte Independence South (ECNL 2019-20)
South Carolina United (ECNL 2019-20)
*Charlotte Independence South (DA 2019-20)
*U-13, U-14 only in DA in 2019-20.

Virginia (spring high school):
ECNL 2020-21
Braddock Road YC Elite Academy (ECNL 2019-20)
Loudoun Soccer (ECNL 2019-20)
McLean YSA (ECNL 2019-20)
Richmond United (DA  2019-20)
Virginia Development Academy (DA 2019-20)
Arlington Soccer Association (DA 2019-20)

Midwest Boys:
Illinois (fall high school):
MLS 2020-21
Chicago Fire Soccer Academy (DA 2019-20)
ECNL 2020-21

Eclipse Select SC (ECNL 2019-20)
Rockford Raptors (ECNL 2019-20)
St. Louis Scott Gallagher Illinois (ECNL 2019-20)
*Campton United SC (DA 2019-20)
FC United SC (DA 2019-20)
*Saint Louis FC Illinois (DA 2019-20)
Sockers FC (DA 2019-20)
*U-13, U-14 only in DA in 2019-20.

Indiana (fall high school):
ECNL 2020-21
FC Pride (ECNL 2019-20)
Indiana Fire Academy (DA 2019-20)

Kentucky (fall high school):
ECNL 2020-21
Louisville City Academy (new in 2020-21)

Michigan (fall high school):
ECNL 2020-21
Michigan Wolves (ECNL 2020-21)
Vardar SC (ECNL 2020-21)
Michigan Wolves (DA 2019-20)
Vardar SC (DA 2019-20)

Minnesota (fall high school):
MLS 2020-21
Minnesota United, MLS (DA 2019-20)
ECNL 2020-21
Minnesota Thunder (ECNL 2019-20)
Shattuck-St. Mary's (DA 2019-20)

Missouri (fall high school):
MLS 2020-21
Sporting KC (DA 2019-20)
Saint Louis FC (DA 2019-20)

Ohio (fall high school):
MLS 2020-21
FC Cincinnati, MLS (DA 2019-20)
Crew SC Academy, MLS (DA 2019-20)
ECNL 2020-21
Ohio Elite Soccer Academy (ECNL 2019-20)
Ohio Premier (ECNL 2019-20)
Pacesetter SC (ECNL 2019-20)
*Cincinnati United Premier (DA 2019-20)
Internationals (DA 2019-20)
*U-13, U-14 only in DA in 2019-20.

Wisconsin (fall high school):
ECNL 2020-21
FC Wisconsin (ECNL 2019-20)

Southeast Boys:
Alabama (spring high school):
ECNL 2020-21
Alabama FC (ECNL 2019-20)

(winter high school):
MLS 2020-21
Inter Miami CF (DA 2019-20)
Orlando City (DA 2019-20)
ECNL 2020-21
Armada FC Youth (ECNL 2019-20)
Florida Elite (ECNL 2019-20)
Florida Kraze (ECNL 2019-20)
Florida Premier FC (NPL 2019-20)
Miramar United Elite FC (ECNL 2019-20)
Orlando City (ECNL 2019-20)
Palm Beach United (ECNL 2019-20)
Tampa Bay United (ECNL 2019-20)
Armada FC Pro Academy (DA 2019-20)
Chargers SC (DA 2019-20)
Florida Rush SC (DA 2019-20)
IMG Academy (DA 2019-20)
Miami Rush Kendall SC (DA 2019-20)
South Florida Football Academy (DA 2019-20)
Tampa Bay Rowdies, USL (DA 2019-20)
Weston (DA 2019-20)
*U-13, U-14 only in DA in 2019-20.

Georgia (spring high school):
MLS 2020-21
Atlanta United FC, MLS (DA 2019-20)
ECNL 2020-21
Concorde Fire (DA/ECNL 2019-20)
Gwinnett Soccer Academy (ECNL 2019-20)
NASA Tophat SC (ECNL 2019-20)
United Futbol Academy (DA 2019-20)
*AFC Lightning (DA 2019-20)
*Lanier Soccer Association (DA 2019-20)
*North Atlanta Soccer Association (DA 2019-20)
*Southern Soccer Academy (DA 2019-20)
*U-13, U-14 only in DA in 2019-20.

Tennessee (fall high school):
MLS 2020-21
FC Nashville (new in 2020-21)
ECNL 2020-21
FC Alliance (ECNL 2019-20)
Chattanooga Red Wolves Academy, USL (NPL 2020-21)
Tennessee SC (ECNL 2019-20)

Southwest Boys:
Oklahoma (spring high school):
ECNL 2020-21
Oklahoma Celtic (ECNL 2019-20)
Oklahoma Energy FC  (USYS 2019-20
Tulsa SC (ECNL 2019-20)

Texas (winter/spring high school):
MLS 2020-21
Austin FC Academy (new in 2020-21)
FC Dallas (DA 2019-20)
Houston Dynamo (DA 2019-20)
ECNL 2020-21
Albion Hurricanes (ECNL 2019-20)
BVB International Academy (ECNL 2019-20)
Classics Elite (ECNL 2019-20)
Dallas Texans (DA/ECNL 2019-20)
Lonestar SC (ECNL 2019-20)
Solar SC (ECNL 2019-20)
RISE Texans SC (ECNL 2019-20)
San Antonio City (USYS 2019-20)
Houston Dynamo Youth (DA 2019-20)
Lonestar SC (DA 2019-20)
RGV FC Toros Academy, USL (DA 2019-20)
Solar SC (DA 2019-20)
RISE Texans SC (DA 2019-20)
San Antonio FC, USL (DA 2019-20)

Rockies Boys:
Colorado (fall high school)
MLS 2020-21
Colorado Rapids (DA 2019-20)
ECNL 2020-21
Arsenal Colorado (ECNL 2019-20)
Colorado Rapids Youth (ECNL 2019-20)
Pride SC (ECNL 2019-20)
Real Colorado (ECNL 2019-20)
*FC Boulder (DA 2019-20)
*Colorado Rapids Youth (DA 2019-20)
*Colorado Rush (DA 2019-20)
*Pride SC (DA 2019-20)
Real Colorado (DA 2019-20)
*U-13, U-14 only in DA in 2019-20.

New Mexico (fall high school):
ECNL 2020-21
New Mexico Rush (ECNL 2019-20)
Rio Rapids (ECNL 2019-20)

West Boys:
Arizona (fall high school):
ECNL 2020-21
Arizona Arsenal (ECNL 2019-20)
Phoenix Rising, USL (ECNL 2019-20)
Real Salt Lake-Arizona (ECNL 2019-20)
FC Tucson, USL (ECNL 2019-20)
Barca Residency Academy (DA 2019-20)
*SC del Sol (DA 2019-20)
*Real Salt Lake-Arizona (DA 2019-20)
*U-13, U-14 only in DA in 2019-20.

Northern California (winter high school):
MLS 2020-21
San Jose Earthquakes (DA 2019-20)
ECNL 2020-21

Davis Legacy (NPL 2019-20)
*Marin FC (NPL 2019-20)
MVLA (NPL 2019-20)
*Mustang Soccer (DA/NPL 2019-20)
*San Juan SC (DA/NPL 2019-20)
*Santa Rosa United (DA/NPL 2019-20)
Ballistic United SC (DA 2019-20)
Breakers FC (DA 2019-20)
De Anza Force (DA 2019-20)
*EBU Bay Oaks (DA 2019-20)
*Marin FC Alliance (DA 2019-20)
*Placer United Soccer Club (DA 2019-20)
**San Francisco Elite Academy (DA 2019-20)
**San Francisco Glens Evolution (DA 2019-20)
*San Joaquin Valley Soccer Academy (DA 2019-20)
Sacramento Republic FC, USL (DA 2019-20)
Silicon Valley Soccer Academy (DA 2019-20)
*U-13, U-14 only in DA in 2019-20.
**U-13 only in DA in 2019-20.

Southern California (winter high school):
MLS 2020-21
LA Galaxy (DA 2019-20)
LAFC (DA 2019-20)
ECNL 2020-21

Arsenal FC (DA  2019-20)
Beach FC (ECNL 2019-20)
Del Mar Carmel Valley (ECNL 2019-20)
FC Golden State (DA/ECNL  2019-20)
LA Breakers (ECNL 2019-20)
LA Surf  SC (ECNL 2019-20)
*Legends FC (DA/ECNL 2019-20)
Pateadores (DA 2019-20)
Real So Cal (DA 2019-20)
San Diego Surf (DA  2019-20)
Slammers FC (ECNL 2019-20)
Strikers FC (DA 2019-20)
*West Coast FC (DA/ECNL 2019-20 as OC Surf)
Albion SC (DA 2019-20)
**Chula Vista FC (DA 2019-20)
LA Galaxy San Diego (DA 2019-20)
LA United Futbol Academy (DA 2019-20)
*Murrieta Surf SC (DA 2019-20)
Nomads SC (DA 2019-20)
*San Diego SC (DA 2019-20)
*Santa Barbara SC (DA 2019-20)
Total Futbol Academy (DA 2019-20)
*Ventura County Fusion (DA 2019-20)
*U-13, U-14 only in DA in 2019-20.
**U-13 only in DA in 2019-20.

Nevada (fall high school):
ECNL 2020-21
Heat FC (ECNL 2019-20)

Utah (spring high school):
MLS 2020-21
Real Salt Lake (MLS/DA 2019-20)

Northwest Boys
Oregon (fall high school):
MLS 2020-21
Portland Timbers (DA 2019-20)

Washington (10 -- spring high school):
MLS 2020-21
Seattle Sounders (DA 2019-20)
ECNL 2020-21
Crossfire Premier (DA/ECNL 2019-20)
Eastside FC (ECNL 2019-20)
Seattle United (ECNL 2019-20)
Snohomish United (ECNL 2019-20)
Spokane SC Sounders (ECNL 2019-20)
Pac Northwest SC (ECNL 2019-20)
Washington Premier (ECNL 2019-20)
Washington Timbers (ECNL 2019-20)

MLS 2020-21
Montreal Impact (DA 2019-20)
Toronto FC (DA 2019-20)
Vancouver Whitecaps (DA 2019-20)
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  1. Yellowjacket 96, April 24, 2020 at 8:15 a.m.

    Can someone explain what the "*" means next to a team's name?

  2. Ric Fonseca, April 24, 2020 at 6:17 p.m.

    Re the Southern California listing, NOT ALL OF THE SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA school districts field soccer play during the winter months.  Note:  The LOS ANGELES UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT has always had its soccer competition during the fall and for all intents and purposes has been "at odds" with the CIF (California Interscholastic Federation) that prefers winter competition.  However, and due to the pandemic, high school athletic competition in So.Cal is on hold for the time being, affecting interscholastic as well as intercollegiate fall sports.

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