What They're Saying: Rubio Rubin

"They’ve seen their team go back to the first division, they’ve seen their team get relegated. They’ve seen everything, so it takes away a little of the ambition to follow the team. Anywhere in the world, people love to stick around for the winners or the hope of being able to get to the first division. Taking that away makes it hard to become a fan and continue to be, like, ‘OK, what am I going to watch or what am I motivated for?’ I think Mexican soccer is going to take a hit because of this”

-- U.S. international Rubio Rubin on fans of Dorados, the club he plays for in Culiacan, Mexico, in the Ascenso MX, Mexico’s second division. Liga MX is planning on eliminating promotion and relegation over the next five seasons and turning the Ascenso into an under-23 league. (Get Concacafed)
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