What They're Saying: Roberto Mancini

"Let's be honest, I too am fed up of being stuck at home and 60 days is enough to drive anyone crazy. I try to train in the morning and, if the weather is nice, enjoy the patio in the afternoon. No outdoor sports, you know you can't. Paddleball? I haven't played it for two months. Of course, what I miss the most is seeing my parents and it is them I am most worried about. Hearing the stories of people who were unable to even say goodbye to their loved ones because of this virus is just heart-breaking. As the coach of the national team, I could say that it would be better – egotistically speaking – if Serie A did not resume, because if they play so many games in a row during the summer, they won't get a break and could then be more susceptible to injuries. However, I know that my players can't wait to get back out there, so I hope for them that we can get it done as soon as possible."

-- Italian national team coach Roberto Mancini with mixed feelings about Serie A's return this season. (Gazzetta dello Sport in Italian)
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