Javier Hernandez mourns death of his grandfather, legendary Tomas Balcazar

Javier Hernandez's grandfather, former Mexican international Tomas Balcazar, died on Sunday at the age of 88.

In an emotional statement on Instagram Live, Chicharito said,  "It's hard not being with all of my family, but I know that my family is united, that they are all in Guadalajara and that my grandmother is not alone. I'll will try, when all this has stabilized a little more, to go to Guadalajara. For the moment I can't, [my wife] Sarah is pregnant and we've taken all the necessary measures. Maybe in the future I can do something to remember my grandfather."

Like Chicharito, who played for Mexico at the 2010, 2014 and 2018 World Cups, and his father of the same name, a member of 1986 World Cup team, Balcazar represented Mexico at the 1954 World Cup, where he scored in the 3-2 loss to France.

Balcazar is best remembered in Mexico as a star for Guadalajara, where he spent his entire career (1948-58). He was part of the team known as the "El Campeonisimo," which won the 1957 Mexican league title, a first for Chivas, which then went on to win seven league championships in nine seasons.

Chicharito said his grandfather was very proud that he also excelled in soccer: "He told me, 'Many thanks, because you don't know how much I see myself in you, you don't know how happy it makes me to see a person I love so much being as happy as I was in football.'"

And he added that his grandfather would not want him to stop.

"It's tough to do exercise because it reminds me a lot of him," said Chicharito, whose first season with the LA Galaxy was put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic. "I imagine my grandfather say, 'Come on, a******, get training!'"
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