Thierry Henry: 'We all need to be together as human beings'

Thierry Henry's first MLS season as a head coach was halted after two games -- a 2-1 Montreal Impact win over New England and 2-2 tie at FC Dallas -- but he says there are bigger things to worry about than if or when  the MLS season resumes.

“It’s a world problem at the moment,” said Henry, who was hired in November. “We’re all one country right now. In a way, wherever you are, we’re all worried about our families, thinking about how everyone is, making sure we’re respecting the rules by staying home. We all need to be together as human beings.”

Henry, one of the intense players of his generation admitted that remaining motivated during a period of such uncertainty wasn't always easy.

"It can be easy for me," he said on a Zoom call with media on Tuesday. "I see it as an easy thing if you're a competitor, you have to train and work hard and be ready for whatever is gonna come your way. But at times I guess it's not always an easy story to know when you're coming back. A competitor would like to know when he's going to compete. But you have to be ready for it."

Henry spent the beginning of the lock-down at the Ritz-Carlton, a downtown Montreal hotel, along with Luis Binks, an 18-year-old English youth international, as the only remaining guests. He has since moved into a house, where he says he has plenty of time to think about soccer.

“I’m trying to train in the morning, train in the afternoon and cooking that takes a lot of time already,” said Henry. “I know it sounds kind of boring but the situation makes it like that. That’s about it.”

One other thing: "It seems like you need to clean the house every two minutes because usually you're not at home and cooking that much."
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