What They're Saying: Katja Koroleva

“It is exhausting, fulfilling, challenging and exciting. This is all new medicine. The virus is new in many ways. We are all finding new pathways on how to deal with this, learning from one another, trying to treat a large number of patients who are both anxious and worried about it. Many are ill, many are afraid of spreading the virus to their significant others, their families, so it is navigating new territory for everyone. But I think the community here in San Jose has done a great job of isolating, using social distancing and taking this seriously."

- U.S. FIFA referee Katja Koroleva, who served as a 4th official at the 2019 Women's World Cup, on her work during the COVID-19 pandemic as a physician assistant in the emergency room with Team Health at Regional Medical Center in San Jose, California. She says that the majority of patients she sees with COVID-19 are stable enough that they can go home and self-quarantine, taking the medications prescribed and treating for themselves at home and hopefully preventing the spread to other family members. (Concacaf.com)
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