What They're Saying: Patrice Evra

"Once when we were in preseason, and before we came on the bus, we were really tired, I'll be honest with you, and there was a queue of fans. And the players were like, 'When no one signs, no one has to sign.' So we went straight to the bus, everyone, and I look out the window and I see Sir Alex Ferguson signing each autograph. I swear he must have signed for like 45 minutes. He was signing [for] everyone. I say, 'Guys, when the boss comes on the bus, we are done.' And he came on the bus, he gave us the hairdryer. 'What the hell do you think you are? Those people are paying your salary. Those people are coming to watch you. Now get the f*** down there and sign.' And we had to sign each fan. But that's the mentality."

-- Frenchman Patrice Evra on the responsibilities of playing at Manchester United for Ferguson. He won five Premier League titles under Ferguson, who was his manager for the first seven of his eight seasons at United. (Official Manchester United Podcast via ESPN)
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