What They're Saying: Robin Fraser

“There are enough people who are outraged about what has transpired and what continues to transpire. You see all sorts of protests. I talked to my daughters about one of the most heartening things is to see the number of protesters who aren’t just Black protesters. Their ages—so many young people. You feel like this could be a moment in time that could change this country going forward. It is one thing to protest for yourself, and your own type of people, it is another, to protest for people because it is the right thing to do. And we see more of that now than over the past years. So many Americans, outside of Black Americans, are now starting, possibly for the first time, to understand what it feels like to be Black in America. And they are recognizing that it is not right.”

-- Robin Fraser, the Colorado Rapids head coach, on the change he has seen in the protests following the killing of George Floyd. Fraser says he never saw racial prejudice until his first day of school in 6th grade after he moved to Miami from Jamaica, where he said there was only class prejudice. (Burgundy Wave)
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