What They're Saying: Jermaine Jenas

"It's brilliant that all the clubs and the players have come together and said that this is what they want. I think it's a great message because the Premier League is one of the most powerful businesses in the world. I'm all for it in terms of the representation and for each club and player to be doing it. But I think the question on most people's lips is: what next? What about the week after? Does it just fade out and it's 'OK, we did our little bit and it's gone now'. Or are we actually going to see some real change within our game, our own house? There's been huge conversations about the lack of opportunities for black coaches. We need to quash all of that by starting to implement [diversity] at the hiring level of management, at the top clubs and within the FA."

-- Former England midfielder Jermaine Jenas on the Premier League's decision to have the names of players on the back of their jerseys replaced with "Black Lives Matter" for the first 12 matches -- two of them makeup games -- of the restarted season. (BBC Radio 5 Live)
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