College: 2020-21 NCAA Division I program cuts

Akron (M/W). Men: cross country, golf; Women: tennis.
Appalachian State (W). Men: soccer, tennis, indoor track & field.
Arkansas-Pine Bluff (W). Men: tennis; Women: tennis.
*Boise State (W).
Men: baseball; Women: swimming.
Brown (M/W):
Men: fencing, golf, squash; Women: Equestrian, fencing, golf, skiing, squash.
Central Michigan (W). Men: indoor and outdoor track & field.
Chicago State (M/W). Men: baseball. (Added: men's soccer.)
Cincinnati (W). Men: soccer.
UConn (M/W). Men: cross country, swimming, tennis (2021-22); Women: rowing (2021-22).
East Carolina (W): Men: swimming, tennis; Women: swimming, tennis.
FIU (M/W). Men: indoor track & field.
Furman (M/W). Men: baseball, lacrosse.
Hampton (W). Men: golf. Women: golf.
Northern Colorado (W). Men: tennis; Women: tennis.
Old Dominion (M/W). Men: wrestling.
Southern Utah (W). Men: tennis; Women: tennis.
Winthrop (M/W. Men: tennis; Women: tennis.
Wisconsin-Green Bay (M/W). Men: tennis; Women: tennis.
Wright State (M/W). Men: tennis; Women: softball, tennis.
*Baseball was playing in 2020 for the first time since 1980.
Note: M=sponsors men's soccer; W=sponsors women's soccer.
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