What They're Saying: Michael McCann

“Let’s face it, schools in the Southeastern Conference have a real incentive to get football back and they will be under pressure to resume sports. Schools in other parts of the country where college sports may not generate the same level of revenue [like] New England may not have the same set of incentives. They may look at this under a more skeptical eye.”

-- Michael McCann, a professor at the University of New Hampshire and the founding director of the UNH Law Sports and Entertainment Law Institute, on the different views that colleges might take in deciding whether to go ahead with their athletic programs in the fall. Already, 40 small colleges and community colleges with men's or women's soccer have suspended athletic programs for the fall because of the coronavirus. (New Hampshire Union Leader)
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  1. Scott Chaney, July 1, 2020 at 12:40 p.m.

    They took a knee and I turned the channel. I will NOT support them any longer. Period. 

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