What They're Saying: Jon Solomon

"They’ve already restarted, and there are a lot of parents who are fine, and they don’t necessarily see hospitalizations or positive tests within the people that they’re associating with. It’s sort of like out of sight, out of mind.”

-- Jon Solomon, the editorial director for the Sports and Society Program at the Aspen Institute, on youth sports groups at the most competitive levels with a lot of money at stake pushing forward with return to play even in states where the coronavirus is spreading rapidly. (USA Today)
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  1. Ben Myers, July 2, 2020 at 10:25 p.m.

    Solomon's comment describes only a part of many Americans' attitude toward coronavirus.  I have told numerous people about my own lost month and more to coronavirus, and too many say that I am the first person they have known who had the virus.  To put it differently, many Americans think the virus is a fantasy because they do not know how close it may have come to them.  So then they have this false sense of invulnerability to the disease.  In part, this explains the currently skyrocketing numbers of both cases and deaths in this country.

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