What They're Saying: Luchi Gonzalez

"It's amazing to see the strength of your own people. None of us are perfect, but when you're part of a group and a family like we have at FC Dallas, these players inspire me. These players have really inspired me with their energy and their attitudes in the last 72 hours. And it's really been an amazing thing to be a part of it in such a hard moment. It's also been such a beautiful moment to see them just give each other support, strength, encouragement and positivity, sending each other videos, messages. We've had to continue to do Zooms on the situation and some of the attitudes and some of the feedback they're giving each other is amazing. I know we're going to win this battle. Maybe today it's against us, but I know with time we're gonna win this and we're gonna bounce back and we're going to be stronger than ever."

-- FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez on his Dallas radio show on Thursday afternoon, talking about the situation at the hotel for the MLS is Back Tournament, where as many as 10 FC Dallas players and staff have been isolated after testing positive for Covid-19, and everyone else in the FC Dallas delegation is quarantined alone in their rooms. (105.3 The Fan)
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