What They're Saying: Luchi Gonzalez

"I'm very proud that we followed all the protocols leading up to the travel. And when we got here to Orlando, there were so many things you can't control, but in hindsight, we probably needed to have a test on the Friday before our Saturday travel. Our last test was the Thursday and we had all negatives prior to travel. The food and the beverage on the place, that was part of the protocol, that wasn't against protocol. So maybe it did help us spread the virus for anybody that was positive on the plane. And then we did train two consecutive times when we were here in Orlando after getting positive results and maybe that could have helped spread it. So all lessons learned. I think the other teams learned from it, the league learned from it. And we certainly did, but here we are learning, growing and stronger from it."

-- FC Dallas head coach Luchi Gonzalez, asked at halftime of the ESPN broadcast of Friday's Seattle-San Jose game at the MLS is Back Tournament whether there any things he wished he had done differently or he noticed the social media posts of his players eating Cheez-Its on the plane from Dallas to Orlando with no mask. FC Dallas was removed from the tournament without playing a game after it has nine players and one coach test positive for Covid-19.
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