Tweet du jour: Bethany Balcer

“Hey everyone-Thanks for all your texts and prayers. I was having diffficulty breathing today in our game and knew something was wrong early on. Following being subbed, I fell to the ground and had a panic attack and was unable to catch my breath. A similar instance happened last year in the semi-finals. It seems to be anxiety-related. After about an hour I was able to lower my heart rate. Soccer is much more than just a physical sport. Mental illness plays into it. Keep all the players in your thoughts cuz it’s really, really tough to stay mentally sharp and healthy in an environment like this one. I know for me, I have hit an emotional wall and it sucks cuz it affects how you play no matter how hard you try to push through it. I’m breathing okay now, but conversations are exhausting to have. Looking forward to lots of rest in the next few days. Super proud of this team — onto the quarters!”

-- Bethany Balcer, the 2019 NWSL Rookie of the Year who left OL Reign's game against Portland late in the first half and was gasping for air on the sideline. OL Reign has been isolated on the road for the last six weeks, the first three at training camp in Montana and since then at the NWSL Challenge Cup in Utah. (@bethanybalcer)
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