What They're Saying: Sean Mann

“I think we’ve always been protective of equity because of the significance of it. It was always about finding a partner that we trust. But we wouldn’t be where we are if it wasn’t for the supporters who put in the time and the passion for the club. So if we were gonna sell of a portion of the club to anybody, they’d be the most worthy recipient by far.”

-- Detroit City FC co-founder and CEO Sean Mann on offering 10 percent of the equity of the NISA club to fans, using the crowdfunding investment site WeFunder. DCFC has a season-ticket base of about 2,000 fans and averaged more than 6,000 fans per game in 2019 when it played in the NPSL and hosted international friendlies. The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in revenue shortfalls that could reach 80-90 percent in 2020. One of those promoting the investment effort is 73-year-old rocker Iggy Pop. (Detroit News)
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