NWSL: Racing Louisville makes familiar pick for first head coach

Racing Louisville FC, which will begin play in the NWSL in 2021, has named Christy Holly as its head coach.

Holly served as the head coach at Sky Blue FC in 2016 and part of the 2017 season before joining U.S. Soccer, where he served as an advance scout, providing analysis of U.S. opponents.

"His experience with U.S. Soccer, of helping the national team, the experience writing all of the different reports for all the opponents and all of the players that the U.S. national team would play against, it’s an incredible skillset that he’s been able to tap into," said James O'Connor, Racing Louisville's executive vice president of development.

Holly first came to the United States in his youth when he was a star swimmer in Northern Ireland. He came to work in the United States in 2012 to work for Global Premier Soccer, which closed down in June after its parent company entered into bankruptcy.

Louisville will join the NWSL as its 10th team. Of the league's 10 head coaches, nine are men and eight hail from the United Kingdom. The only woman is Sky Blue FC's Freya Coombe. Rory Dames (Chicago Red Stars) is the lone American-born coach, while Farid Benstiti arrived from France this winter to coach OL Reign.

The 35-year-old Holly is engaged to former U.S. national team captain Christie Pearce Rampone.

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