Return to play: Who's started fall high school soccer, who still plans to do so

West Virginia became the 13th state to start fall soccer when boys and girls play began on Wednesday.

Eleven states still plan on starting its soccer seasons in September or October (in the case of Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island), while nine others have moved their seasons to 2021 with start dates ranging from January-March.

The states that have started are mostly in the Midwest. Those that are waiting to begin are mostly in the Northeast.

Within states that have started or plan on playing this fall, many school districts have decided to forego fall sports.

In Kansas, the Wichita Public Schools shut down sports for the fall -- then decided to go ahead with fall sports under pressure from students and parents. The one requirement is that fall athletes study remotely during the season of their sport and for two weeks after the end of the season.

Parents in Shawnee Mission and Blue Valley school districts (both Kansas City suburbs) have sued over the suspension of falls because of the rising COVID-19 cases. Kansas City Public Schools canceled fall sports.

In Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf's “strong recommendation” was to not play competitive sports before the end of 2020, but he did not block the Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association, whose board of directors voted 25-5 to go ahead with fall sports.

Wolf has further loosened restrictions by allowing fans who can attend outdoor sports-related activities as long as they fall within the limit 250 or fewer people on hand, which includes players, coaches, officials, media and others working games.

Season started:
Idaho-boys & girls. (IHSAA)
Indiana-boys & girls. (IHSAA)
Kansas-boys (alternate season: season starts on March 1). (KSHSAA)
Michigan-boys (season started in northern Lower Peninsula and Upper Peninsula, start on hold on in other parts of state) (MHSAA)
Minnesota-boys & girls. (MSHSL)
Missouri-boys (alternate season: season starts on March 12 for schools unable to finish fall season). (MSHSAA)
Montana-boys & girls. (MHSA)
North Dakota-boys. (NDHSAA)
Ohio-boys & girls. (OHSAA)
South Dakota-boys & girls. (SDHSAA)
Tennessee-girls. (TSSAA)
Utah-girls (UHSAA)
West Virginia-boys & girls. (WVSSAC)

Season start pending:
Connecticut-boys & girls (season starts on Oct. 1). (CIAC)
Kentucky-boys & girls (season starts on Sept. 7). (KHSAA)
Maine-boys & girls (season starts on Sept. 25). (MPA)
Massachusetts-boys & girls (season starts on Oct. 1). (MIAA)
New Hampshire-boys & girls (season starts on Sept. 18). (NHIAA)
New Jersey-boys & girls (season starts on Sept. 28). (NJSIAA)
New York-boys & girls (season starts on Sept. 21) (NYPHSAA)
Pennsylvania-boys & girls (season starts on Sept. 4). (PIAA)
Rhode Island-boys & girls (practice allowed on Sept. 14; season starts on Oct. 2) (RIIL)
Vermont-boys & girls (season starts after 10 days of practice -- practice allowed on Sept. 8). (VPA)
Wisconsin-boys (season starts on Sept. 15; alternate season: practice allowed on March 22; first game on March 30). (WIAA)

Season moved to 2021:
Colorado-boys (season starts on March 4). (CHSAA)
Delaware-boys (season starts on March 12) (DIAA)
Illinois-boys (season starts on Feb. 13). (IHSA)
Maryland-boys & girls (season dates not set) (MPSSAA)
Nevada-boys & girls (season starts on March 5). (NIAA)
New Mexico-boys & girls (season starts on Feb. 15). (NMAA)
North Carolina-boys (season starts on Jan. 25) (NCHSAA)
Oregon-boys & girls (season starts on March 8). (OSAA)
Washington D.C-boys & girls (season starts on Feb. 22) (DCSAA)

High School soccer (by traditional season):
Fall: 31 boys, 23 girls
Winter: 7 boys, 7 girls
Spring: 13 boys, 21 girls

High School soccer traditional season (by state):
Alabama (spring)
Alaska (spring)
Arizona (winter)
Arkansas (spring)
California (winter)
Colorado (fall -- boys; girls -- spring)
Connecticut (fall)
Delaware (fall -- boys; girls -- spring)
Florida (winter)
Georgia (spring)
Hawaii (winter)
Idaho (fall)
Illinois (fall -- boys; girls -- spring)
Indiana (fall)
Iowa (spring)
Kansas (fall -- boys; girls -- spring)
Kentucky (fall)
Louisiana (winter)
Maine (fall)
Maryland (fall)
Massachusetts (fall)
Michigan (fall -- boys; girls -- spring)
Minnesota (fall)
Mississippi (winter)
Missouri (fall -- boys; girls -- spring)
Montana (fall)
Nebraska (spring)
Nevada (fall)
New Hampshire (fall)
New Jersey (fall)
New Mexico (fall)
New York (fall)
North Carolina (fall -- boys; girls -- spring)
North Dakota (fall -- boys; girls -- spring)
Ohio (fall)
Oklahoma (spring)
Oregon (fall)
Pennsylvania (fall)
Rhode Island (fall)
South Carolina (spring)
South Dakota (fall)
Tennessee (fall -- girls; spring -- boys)
Texas (winter)
Utah fall -- girls; spring -- boys)
Vermont (fall)
Virginia (spring)
Washington (spring)
Washington D.C. (fall)
West Virginia (fall)
Wisconsin (fall -- boys; girls -- spring)
Wyoming (spring)
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